“I seek to depict not objective reality but rather the subjective emotions in my response to material and events swinging between organic forms to exact calm lines
On one hand I’m a spiritual person on the other hand a mathematician.”         

Jeanette Bremin 2019


Salon du CAL, Tramschapp, Luxembourg 2018

Private Art Kirchberg, UBS, Luxembourg 2018

Edition Trèves, TUFA, Trier 2018

Wanderlust, Alantor Blockchain Investments S.A. Luxembourg 2018

Salon du CAL, Tramschapp, Luxembourg 2017

Merveilleuses Femmes, Galerie De Jaeger, Esch-sur-Alzette 2016


Migration(s), Schungfabrik, Tétange 2016

The little book of pain, TUFA, Trier 2016

Salon du CAL, Hall Victor Hugo, Luxembourg 2015

© Jeanette 2019